Communication is ubiquitous and diverse. Through my painting, I am able to creatively express my love for humanity. My inspiration is the written and verbal communication within the world. Whether it be the literature I read, the media I view, the individuals I encounter, or the stories I am so graciously told, each work of art is a direct representation of the conversations I witness.

In the era of postmodernism, when the definition of words is being questioned, my paintings are an abstract conceptualizational response to the jumbled conversations I am discussing in my mind. By having a dialectic discourse with myself, based on a experiential and cultural education, I am able to come to an eclectic conclusion.

Rather than create a distinguishable image of an object or scene, I convey conversation through the combination of abstract expressional typography with the juxtaposition of linear and painterly aesthetics while incorporating bold color schemes derived from current cultural trends. Arranging this typographical jargon onto canvas, using any form of expressive pigmented color, helps me make sense of the day's every day "truths" I may ask.

- Caleb Sarvis 2020. 



BA, Studio Art 

Coastal Carolina University, Conway, SC 


BA, Graphic Design 

Coastal Carolina University, Conway, SC 



The Yards Collective 

Rochester, NY 

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Orange Olive Hair Gallery 

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